About Us

Thank you for visiting my site and for even reading this part of my site. My name is Roger Velasquez and I’ve been playing video games since the early 90s. I know what it’s like to be playing video games for hours and know the importance of being comfortable while doing so. I’ve often told people that when you play, where you play, including your surroundings, matters.

Back then, computer gaming was not what it is today. There weren’t any games like you see now and computers were still seen as “business use” only. With the dramatic changes in the computer industry and the implementation of video cards and maximum power sources, we have the greatest machines available now that outperform modern consoles.

Now that we have great computers with gaming in mind, I’ve seen the importance in investing in a computer desk for it. Knowing that I need to be comfortable while playing and ensuring my computer rig is set up right, having the right gaming desk that fills all my needs is important to ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience.

Because of this, I’ve created this site to implement a purchasing guide for computer desks with gaming in mind. I’ve seen many other places sell desks at ridiculous amount of prices that aren’t even made for gaming computer set ups. With this in mind, I wanted to create a list of approved desks to help others that are looking for gaming desks. I’ve done my research, read reviews, and made this site to provide you the best options available for the best gaming computer desk.

You can find this purchasing guide under the “Purchasing Guide” tab and browse all the approved desks.